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Crazy About Latinas

I'm Crazy About Latinas!
Even before I met my wife, I've always had a thing for . I mean it was always something so fucking sexy about a chick that's got and a that could drive any man crazy but when you add in that Spanish accent to go along with it, that could drive any mother fucker . I mean I love other types of women too but there's just something about latinas that just stands out a lot more to me. It's just something about them that tells you that when you fuck them it's going to be one that would have you all over the place.

She's Supposed To Suck It

That's The Result Of A Blowjob Well Done!
I was having a few beers with some friends at the watering hole when, one of them told me about a guy that they knew that had to go to the hospital after getting a from a chick. Apparently she took the term "" literally when she did more blowing than sending the poor guy to the hospital with balls about the size of apples. Needless to say he was in a lot of pain and that's because a chick chose to blow more than she was sucking, which I'm sure was a very fucking embarrassing thing because how in the fuck do you explain to the doctor that you got blue balls from getting a blowjob?

Pussy Power

"Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive! If you want something tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding!" -Betty White
I was reading about women in a government agency being glad that some chick that played a government agent on a show that I don't watch because they feel that she portrayed women in a negative light by being a among other fucking things that seem to stereotype women in that type of agency. Apparently, they felt that they weren't being represented by this character that was considered a and her firing came to them as a breath of fresh air because they feel that women should be better represented and honestly, as a black man I could understand that.

Indiana And Religion

The Sign Says It All!
I'm pretty sure that you've heard about the , you can't help to hear about that shit because it's been all over the news. From what we are hearing about the shit it's a law supposedly made in order to protect business who practice their religious beliefs from persecution from doing so. And on the other side you have people arguing how the bill will allow people to discriminate against people and citing their religious beliefs as justification.


Is the Avengers 2 porn part of the canon of the universe?
So, I'm hanging out, playing some video games, you know, the usual. was on in the background, and while I was listening, I happen to hear a commercial come on. I turn my head, because it's not every day that you get to see a commercial for a porn site on TV, especially on . The commercial is not really important. It was exactly what you thought it would be. But there was one thing that interested me.. the price. It said that they were having a deal on their monthly rate, and that's something that I usually want to get in on. The deal was 20 freedom dollars a month, which isn't the best deal in the whole world, but still a deal. So I headed over to the site, and confusion set in.

My Sister's Hot Friend - Dillion Carter

My Sister's Hot Friend - Dillion Carter

Think about this for a second. If they made right now, and Marty McFly went back the exact same amount of years he did in the first one, he would end up in 1985. The first time I thought of that, I was a little depressed. Then I started to think of porn and I was all better again. Then I started to think of Dillion Carter's tits, and I was more than better.

And now that we're on the subject of Dillion Carter's tits, I have to say, what lovely tits they are. They are everything that's right about natural tits. And you can tell, in a few years, they're going to be everything that's wrong with them too. There's kind of an arch to the progression of natural tits. They usually start out great, and just get better, but then they reach their peak..

Date Night

Take Your Woman Out On A Date And She'll Thank You Later!
My wife came to me the other night with something that I'm sure that just about every has probably heard from their woman. She started talking about having a date night. I know that you might be thinking that why should you be dating because both of you are already together but this is some shit that you should be thinking about. I mean it's something to make sure that you keep shit going strong and the possibility of you being able to fuck them when you want stronger than ever. So honestly, I think that it's some shit that you should think about looking into, especially when it could lead to you pounding that pussy at the end of the night.

Neighbor Affair - Bridgette B

Neighbor Affair - Bridgette B
Any time I come across one of my favorite porn stars in the world, I have to post about her, and Bridgette B is definitely one of my favorites. She's definitely one of my top 3 of all time, if not in the top three. We all know that my favorite porn star of all time is Jada Fire. There's really no disputing that she's the best. But we also all know that she's been retired these many years ( it feels like a life time ) and those glory days are over. But, that's the way life goes. So we just move forward and bring on the race for second place. And if I was a betting man, I'd say Bridgette has the inside track.

My Wife's Hot Friend - Ashley Sinclair

My Wife's Hot Friend - Ashley Sinclair

I currently feel like I've been in a weekend that has lasted a few years now. You see, when you live in the north east, is somewhat of a thing, and you end up spending a shit load of time with family and friends. Plus, there's all of these things that are going on, and we're all just coming off of the longest winter in the known world, so everyone wants to go out and do things. Added with that, my very good friend is currently going though a shitty divorce, and he's just learning the true nature of women, and feels the need to tell you about it. So family, plus guy going through a divorce, and a bunch of guys shooting off muskets, and you start to think that the weekend would never end.

But after everything is over, and you're back home with yourself and your 50" tv, there's porn there waiting for you like a loyal dog. And everything is right with the world again. At least for the next 22 minutes.

Be Bold

You Got To Be Bold And Confident If You're Gonna Get Laid!
If there's one thing that I always tell people when they are looking for somebody, it's that you've got to be bold. Boldness shows that you feel worthy of being with a mother fucker. Now don't get that shit mixed up with being cocky because those are two different fucking things. That's like a being different from an , they are two different things. One could piss as well as , all the other one could do is take a shit on you.

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